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Why the


Nasty situation and future.

It is a fact that humans slowly poison the earth with synthetically produced substances. The heaps take enormous forms and a gigantic plastic soup has been created in the oceans. Only 9% of the plastic is recycled. 12% is incinerated and 79% ends up on garbage dumps and in nature. The biggest polluter is China, which is responsible for 5/8 of all plastic soup that ends up in the ocean. Every European is responsible for 30 kilos of plastic per year, 50% of which we throw away within 20 minutes. Since 1950, 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced. The demand for plastic, however, increases every year. It will have risen to 34 billion tons by 2050. Where does it end?  


Vision: we have to take action

There is a process of awareness going on in which people are activated to do something against the increasing plastic pollution, since they are directly confronted by global warming 

and its consequences, but also because plastic washes up on beaches and animals die by eating plastic. The first steps towards reducing single-use plastics have been taken by  banning free plastic bags in stores and the banning use of one-off products such as straws.

Many people are inspired by people are inspired by The Ocean Cleanup of the Dutch student Boyan Slat and we also want to take action.

Mission: creating awareness  

The purpose of the BottleBag is to accelerate the awareness process. We want to make the market for promotional gifts more sustainable by creating awareness in Europe and China about recycling plastics with our range of BottleBags. The most efficient way to tackle the plastic soup is to get as close to the source as possible.  


Bottlebag: Refuse Single Use

The BottleBag is an alternative to the standard plastic bags, because it is made from 100% recycled PET bottles. The BottleBag is not only made of durable material, it is also durable in use. The BottleBag has extra reinforced seams through extra piping inside the bag. This makes the BottleBag very sturdy and it can carry up to 10 kilograms! Tested by SGS. The bag has enough space and capacity for daily groceries.

Uitleg 1.png


PET bottles

​​​We start with the recycling of the PET bottles, which would otherwise end on the garbage-dump.

Uitleg 2.png


The caps and labels will be removed before shredding the bottles.



Uitleg 3.png

After shredding, the material will be spoten into a fiber.

Uitleg 4.png



The fiber will be reformed into rolls of fabric.

Uitleg 5.png



This way, the newly made products find their origin in PET bottles.




The Bottlebag supports The Plastic Soup Foundation (PSF) since 2018. Five cents of each Bottlebag goes to the Plastic Soup Foundation. 


More and more plastic is floating in our oceans and seas. It comes from rubbish that we throw away irresponsibly, fishnets that are discarded, and from washing synthetic clothing and microbeads that go down the drain. All these different types of plastic together forms the plastic soup in the seas and oceans. The plastic in the ocean not only floats, but also get carried by the water column and end up on our shores again. This phenomenon is called ‘plastic soup’, a term which is now used around the world to describe the plastic pollution in our ocean.


The PSF encourages all possible solutions that contribute to tackle the plastic soup at the source. The plastic that ends up in nature and water has the greatest impact on the environment and measures must be taken for this. This includes reducing the amount of disposable plastic by consumers, the develop ent of reducing the plastic footprint by companies and coming up with smart solutions for collecting plastic in natural water. 


Their slogan Refuse Single Use fits perfectly with the vision of the Bottlebag.





Each bag contains a custom made tag. On the tag the production process is explained. This tag is made of unlaminated eco white or brown cardboard. It’s possible to put a logo on the tag, customise the text and change the colour of the text on both sides. The size of the hangtag is 5 x 12 cm.

Sidelabel on the pouch

The BottleBag has a woven sidelabel with our BottleBag logo on the folded pouch. This label is custom made, so it’s possible to customize the colour and put a client’s logo on it instead of the original logo. It is also possible to add another woven label. We also put an inside care label inside the BottleBag. The size of the sidelabel is 2 x 4 cm.



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